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Sonic Sounds

Friday, August 10th | 6:30 PM - 8 PM

Soak your subtle being in soothing soundwaves, as we journey into the depths of the Universe while being carried upon crystalline waves, Tibetan tones, and shamanic drumming.

Join us for this Sonic Sound Journey, that will immerse you in a wave of vibrational sound healing that will nurture and nourish your mind, body, heart, and soul, guided by Belinda Pearl. & the day after is New Moon Leo Eclipse!

Belinda Pearl shares with you her 20+ years experience in the fields of Esoteric Healing and the Mystical Arts. Growing up in Africa initiated her upon the path of Healing as in her youth, she was encouraged by the African Shaman to walk the way of the Healer. She believes that this gift set her on course to dive deeply into various healing modalities.

The Sounds of Africa mesmerized Belinda from an early age, and this led her to discover the power of sound.

Her intrigue with the Sounds of Africa led her to delve deeper into Sound Healing. She believes that the realm of Sound continues to teach her to discover unchartered pathways of sound alchemy.

Belinda says, “Africa has a unique heartbeat that can be heard throughout the African Bush. The laughter of the African children, or the beating of an African drum; these sounds invoke deep emotion, and connect one to their Soul.”

$25 prepay in-store per person CASH ONLY
$26 per person PayPal
$30 per person at the door