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We are L.E.A.F. - Live Enlightened And Free.

We here at L.E.A.F want to provide you with inspirational and mindful gifts for wherever you may be on your journey. We're here to help create a sacred space for you, where your heart is full and your dreams are within reach.

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Brands & Vendors


Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas is the leading organic tea company for single herb teas. All teas are certified organic and we only use bleach free tea bags.

rare essence aromatherapy

Sourcing only the finest 100% essential oils from all over the world – euphoric Jasmine Sambac from India, buttery Sandalwood from Tamil Nadu and rare Zdravetz from Bulgaria. By sourcing as close to the grower and distiller as possible, they insure the highest quality fine ingredients. 



Each MZ bag holds an element of discovery. From the significance of the Zapotec designs, to the bold color combinations, and most importantly, the distinct story of the artisan who wove it.


Higher Mind Incenseβ„’

Higher Mind Incenseβ„’ blends are made using ancient aromatherapeutic principles to positively affect your mind, mood, and cognitive function. 


"When you buy something from an artist you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. You are buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are not just buying one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul...a small piece of someone else's life."

- Unknown