This is definitely one of the finer spiritual stores of the area.
It is quietly tucked away in the corner in Bressi Ranch Village in the City of Carlsbad. I love that I can pick up some groceries and special teas, also made in Carlsbad when I visit.

I might have never come upon LEAF, if I wasn’t forced to park in the furtherest point of Trader Joe’s parking lot on a busy day. In fact, there is nothing more soothing or satisfying to walk into a place with lovely music and smells, after a busy day of running errands.

What makes this shop so unique is that it feels it is more about quality versus quantity. The owner/buyer really has a keen sense of what might satisfy the local consumer. The new age experience here is one of new living.

Aromatherapy, check. Books, check. Cards, check. LEAF also carries Buddha Tea, also based in Carlsbad. They are known for their CBD selections. I drink the mint version, which is quite healing. They also have flavors such as chamomile, matcha and turmeric to name a few.

When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, this is one place you might stop. A place for you, a place to find a gift or just a space that reminds you to slow down and enjoy the journey each day.
— Elle N.

Amanda is very knowledgeable at the front. LEAF smells amazing, nice rythmic music plays in the background as you shop and there’s a great vibe in this store. There are a million things to see, great gifts and trinkets. The prices are really fair and something to buy for every budget. I stayed in the store WAY longer than I planned, it pulls you in!
— Kay J.

So, I walked into a totally different world Friday morning. One in which I’ve begun researching and seeking out. Finally got up the courage to step into this shop and explore. It was Beautiful and peaceful! I was helped by Maddie and Kim. They made me feel comfortable allowing me to ask some of those beginner questions. I stayed nearly an hour, purchased several things and walked out better for it! Looking forward to going back :) Came home and cleansed my new crystals while soaking up the sunshine!
— No More Boring Cakes N.

So happy I found this beautiful store made with so much love!! :)
I could spend hours in here exploring every handmade thing!
Maddie was such a wonderful help with lots of patience. I asked so many questions about the meanings of different crystals/rocks and she was able to answer everything I needed to know!
Can’t wait to come back for some more treasures!! :)
— Rebecca A.

I love LEAF! Beautiful, creative gifts, artfully presented, make it a pleasure to shop there. Chris has curated a thoughtful collection of items that will bring joy to seekers of enlightenment.

I try to shop local and support small businesses, and LEAF makes it delightfully easy to do that.
— Sherilynne D.

I love this store!! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They have an amazing selection of books, crystals, tumbled stones, decor, smudge supplies, gifts and the most amazing incense you’ve ever smelled! They also carry some amazing jewelry and support local artists. The owner is very knowledgeable and kind. This store is one of a kind and full of unique and transformative items.
— Megan F.

I recently went to LEAF for the first time this week. A lot of my friends had told me how much they loved this place and so I finally got a chance to check it out! They have an amazing variety of crystals, tarot card, all sorts of spiritual remedies and tools, sounds bowls from Tibet, cute decorations, jewelry, etc.
If you are looking to buy a friend a birthday gift, this is the place to go! They even do gift wrapping included if you ask!
Its tucked away in the Trader Joe’s parking lot with plenty of parking in front of the store. Great artwork inside done by the owner! I could probably spend hours in this place.
— Kyla P.

Such an amazing place. Great minds, amazing selection of goods, perfect in a small community yet appealing
to all!! I always shop for my gifts here, cards, jewelry, incenses! I adore the customer service! Such friendly people!! Keep on keeping on!!! Thanks you!
— Jaime G.

I absolutely adore this little spot. I’m so glad I stopped in after picking up a few things at Trader Joe’s. They have beautiful jewelry, books, candles, essential oils and I bought the loveliest little tarot deck. The people that work there are super friendly and welcoming and it just has the most peaceful and loving vibe.
— Julia S.

This store just absolutely relaxes you as soon as you walk in it. Chris was helpful and very knowledgeable with crystals, cleansing and home placement of crystals. The store has wonderful gifts and I just wanted to buy everything. I will definitely be back and I hope this store stays here. It’s the closest new age store we have near us folks in Bressi Ranch.
— Ali D.

I LOVE this store! Such an incredible vibe with the best crystal and stone gifts around. Chris the owner is a sweetheart. Each staff person I’ve interacted with on various visits has been so helpful and congenial. The perfect gift store for myself and my earthy, spiritually minded friends! So nice that it is next door to Trader Joe’s in Bressi Ranch. Super convenient!
— Cynthia K.

The answer to my Buddha hearted prayers! I had no idea about this place and literally stumbled upon it on my way to Trader Joe’s. What an amazing store. We have really needed something like this in Carlsbad and I’m glad its finally here.
— Lissa K.

Popped in to find a gift for my wife and spent 30 minutes or so just looking around the shop. The layout is circular and invites close inspection of many awesome crystal & gemstone, carved wood, and textile displays as you pass through the space. I spent some time checking out the small bookshelf and tarot display too. The staff is super friendly and helpful as well. I will be back!
— Vincent L.

I had so much fun in this little shop! I spent an hour here just enjoying everything this store had to offer. Tons of positive energy here. I will definitely be coming back :)
— Rylie H.

This was the first time I had been there, and I have to say it was a great find! The name on my receipt was Chris, but regardless both of the guys working whom helped me were very polite and offered help with any questions or advice I was looking for. The store was very organized, making it easy to locate most items.

If you are looking for great quality stones (especially palm stones), endless types of incense, variety of terrariums, jewelry, or a good selection of books - definitely try this place out! Its the cutest hidden treasure tucked behind Trader Joe’s in Carlsbad.
— Mandy C.

This store is the best. The first time I went here I couldn’t take my eyes off of all the beautiful deity statues, jewelry and gems!!! So many gorgeous chunks of amethyst! This is the perfect place to go and pick out something for yourself or for a gift, especially if you need to invest in some self love and want to focus on positive life pathways, it’s definitely a spirit lifter. They even have Chakra teas!!
— Becky B.

I love this store! What a gem to have in Carlsbad. The book selection is off the charts fantastic and so many gorgeous and powerful healing crystals and lots more. I love all my purchases so far and was happy to receive some holiday gifts from LEAF as well.
— Brenda M.

Love this gem of a place! The holistic experience, from the ambiance, kind staff, amazing products, and overall vibe leaves you feeling uplifted. I live close by and think we sorely needed a quaint place like this that offers items that can not easily be found.
— Shilpa S.

Super cute little shop with a lot of merchandise. They also have a cute little meditation area in the back which really helps in setting a great vibe for this place.
— Haylee M.

What an awesome store! Gorgeous merchandise and great service. Everything is made by local artists or bought through fair trade eco friendly means. So glad :)
— Love R.

I entered with the mission to find a small gift. I felt like a child in a candy store! I probably walked around three times for fear that I missed something unique or that I absolutely needed.

There are endless fun gifts that are unique and they range in prices so there’s something for everyone. They have assortments of candles, lotion, jewelry, artwork, stationary, books, etc!

The staff was very friendly and offered to order things I wasn’t able to find. They also wrap all the gifts in tissue, what a nice touch!

I challenge anyone to enter and leave empty-handed, because chances are you’ll find something you can somehow justify “needing”.
— Natalie A.

We’ve known the owner for a decade or more. Chris has worked in retail for other metaphysical book stores throughout the years, such as Lady of the Lake. Chris has taken everything he’s learned and added his own creative twist to his new store. Highly recommended.
— Daniel M

Very beautifully store. It’s like the Anthropologie of new age gift shops! The owner is an amazing artist that has created a beautiful store filled with unique and awesome products.
— Bryan W.

I love love love exploring the store! I never leave without buying something to help me better my life. The store has a relaxing laid back atmosphere and that is what I love about it.
— Mindy M.

Absolutely love the whole team at LEAF. They are so knowledgeable and helpful. The store is beautiful, and there is something for everyone. I especially like getting psychic readings from Kim. She’s so accurate. Also, she’s a wonderful guide to see you through whatever you are dealing with. Worth the trip!!!
— Alma R.

I feel so happy, calm, safe, and grateful just walking into L.E.A.F. It’s a great place for gifts for your loved ones and yourself! They have amazing merchandise and are constantly adding more! The staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly!!
— A. Miller

A really great place, well organized with so many lovely things to look at! My favorite is probably the crystals and jewelry selection, but the unique Knick-knacks here and there are fun to peruse through. Highly recommend going!
— Jenna F.

I had a reading with Kim today. She was excellent! She was right on the mark with what she said and the whole experience was wonderful! The store and Kim were both VERY uplifting and I will be returning again.
The store is beautiful with so many awesome metaphyical items in it! I love to go there just to soak in the energy and now that I know about Kim, I will be going there for more readings as well.
I’m so glad to have found this place!
— Jane C.

LEAF is such a must-see shop, full of wonderful natural items and functional art. The shop is a perfect place to pick up crystals and tumbled stones, candles, cards, books and much more. It is also conveniently shares the same parking lot as Trader Joe’s. I look forward to stopping by more frequently.
— Kory Ward-Cook

This is a very unique store. Just walking in the door is a calming experience that continues as you wander through the hundreds of interesting items available. Chris was there to explain about anything we were looking at and to gently guide us to what we had in mind. If you’re interested in things artistic, spiritual, fragrant, or of natural beauty; this is the place to visit. You don’t know what you’ve been missing until come here, and when you find it you can take it home!
— Ken Brinkmann

Everything in this store brings me joy and peace. Great energy, quality art and jewelry. Genuine and knowledgeable people.
— Naomi Lowe

This is such a lovely place! My wife Becky and I enjoy metaphysical stores and this one is well worth a visit. Chris is delightful and makes you feel very comfortable he’s not pushy and allows you time to just take in all the lovely quality items on display. The whole store has a calming positive energy. Well worth a visit after or before you do your shopping at Trader Joe’s! 5 stars for sure!
— Markus Manstroma

So glad I had the chance to stop in and finally shop here! They had everything I needed and items I’ve only been able to find online since I moved out here - like my Fred Soll incense and my Matchbook Incense. There is a great selection of unique items from local artists, many stones to chose from, and an awesome assortment of the best incense. Calming vibes! Can’t wait to go back for more goodies.
— Rebecca Soltis

So happy I found this shop! They have a great selection and the lady helping us was really wonderful. My toddler picked out a couple crystals and she kindly gave him another to add to his collection. We left with fun new treasures and big smiles.
— Alisha Nabors

Every time I come into town this store is now on my to do list. I spent two hours there and it felt like a minute. I seriously could have stayed all day. The energy is fabulous the people are knowledgeable and so helpful and the selection of yummy spirit filled products made my heart sing Love and Blessings to L.E.A.F you were the highlight of my trip. Namaste.
— Anna Caruso Kuttner

This place is spectacular on every level. It is so very inviting and the owners are extremely pleasant. I can tell that someone put a lot of thought into bringing this bohemian paradise to fruition. Thanks for existing LEAF. I’ll be back soon for some essential oils and a meditation cushion.
— Lana Marie

Love this amazing store and so glad it’s come to our neighborhood. It has so many interesting and beautiful items from candles, incense, crystals, to hand made artisan creations including jewelry, weaving and so much more. I could spend so much time in there checking out all of the feel good products and there’s always new surprises every time I venture through. The staff is always so knowledgeable about everything in the store and can’t be any more polite. They are all so sweet and helpful and truly go out of their way to make it an enjoyable experience. Thank you LEAF!!
— Annette Spataro Waite

Beautifully curated collection of local talent and art. Books, jewelry, candles, bohemian home decor, children’s section and workshops fill this lovely space. Too much goodness to mention it all.
— Heather Martonik Graff

The minute you step into the doorway, it’s like an oasis of goodness with beautiful scents and colors and artistry. I could have lingered in LEAF for hours. Gracious hosts, these two, and their creation and inspiration are not to be missed. Love love love this store! <3
— Gerry Ellen

What a wonderful store. So happy I found it and it is so close to home. Chris was helpful, friendly and offered to get something if he didn’t have it. Can’t wait to go back to shop for the house after Christmas!
— Karen Davison-Hamilton

I adore this store. A wonderful place to buy gifts. Amazing crystal, card, and book selection. And love the classes here too!
— Lenora DeRoy

This shop is extraordinary!!! Filled with gorgeous and amazing things. I could live in there! lol Stunning jewelry, Buddhas and Statues. Wonderful, enchanting items for everyone on my list. Super nice shopkeepers who were very knowledgable. I highly recommend this shop! ❤️
— Shari Muscatelli Depp

An Amazing place to come and get everything u are looking for to help u on ur way to becoming Enlightened. Very good costumer service and great energy. As soon as u walk in u will know u are in the right place.
— Melissa Fowler

I just happened to walk into Leaf today, what an amazing store! So many wonderful & interesting things. Also the lady behind the counter ( I didn’t catch her name ) was extremely knowledgable, and didn’t mind taking the time to guide through crystals! I will be shopping here again! Nice to have a shop like this in North County!
— Mary Fitchett

What a fantastic addition to Bressi ranch and north county San Diego! This store is filled with thoughtful finds for the enlightened soul. So happy to have met Chris and Cody today. They were extremely helpful in assisting me with finding the perfect birthday gift for my yogi mom. I’ll be back again soon!
— Shannon McKnight Quiring

I LOVE LEAF!!!! I feel at home at this mystical shop..I’m there a few times a month picking up goodies. They have amazing events and psychic girl Kim is there doing readings throughout the week, and she is incredible! Check it out!
— Michelle Hill

This is one of my most favorite places to visit and shop. There is something for everyone here, starting with a bit of peace and serenity. The selection of handmade, locally made items is a welcome site. Their workshops are always informative, the customer service is superb because the staff is knowledgeable and genuine.
— Susan Pack

I love everything about LEAF.
They have a stunning collection of crystals, art, books, decks.... anything your heart desires! Chris and Cody are magical... they are both always helpful, and make you feel welcomed! It is the place to go for anything and everything that is magical, esoteric, metaphysical.... thank you LEAF!
— Belinda Pearl

I was so excited to find this store! I could spend hours in there. So many spiritual learning tools and fun things to buy. Love it, my new favorite store.
— Heather Whelan

I just love this store! The smell is not overwhelming like many stores that burn incense. I find LEAF very calming and always affordable! Great place for gifts but I always find myself shopping for ME.
— Victoria Gambardella

I love this store! They have a great selection of tumbled stones, and the employees always help me identify them when I feel clueless. I wish I discovered it earlier.
— Olivia Henigman

The best place for finding unique and meaningful gifts for all your favorite people.
— Kimberly Anne Evans

Really love this store. I stop in every few weeks to see what’s new - easy to do ‘cause it’s in the Trader Joes parking lot! I always find something fun and unique; my succulent coffee mugs, bracelets for my husband, incense, Buddha teas, journals, cards, and our sound bowl!!! Thank you.
— Jennifer Douheret

One of my favorite little secrets in Bressi Ranch!
— Julie Corpora

Such a wonderful shop in a wonderful place!! Super rad finds. My kids love going on and finding their special gem.
— Ellie Hayes

So glad I had the chance to stop in and finally shop here! They had everything I needed and items I’ve only been able to find online since I moved out here - like my Fred Soll incense and my Matchbook Incense. There is a great selection of unique items from local artists, many stones to chose from, and an awesome assortment of the best incense. Calming vibes! Can’t wait to go back for more goodies.
— Rebecca Barnhart

A Spiritual destination indeed. Love this shop!! More like a Zen Temple.
— Linda Shepard