Learn the Aesthetic, Medicinal, and Spiritual Foundations and Traditions of Incense and Ancient Aromatherapy.

Help your loved ones, clients, friends, and yourself find greater healing, balance, and spiritual development through learning the ancient traditions of aromatic plant use and the many sacred teachings of the Way of Incense.

Become a clearer channel for the plants to heal and teach through by strengthening your direct connection to the plant kingdom and Spirit through your own personal experience and wisdom received through learning to Listen to Incense.

Take a guided journey through the many levels of aroma and the subtle qualities of aromatic plants. Learn how to connect more deeply to the emotional, sensual, energetic, and spiritual virtues of aroma.

Tap into the healing qualities of aromatic plants by learning from the plants themselves on experiential levels as well as through extensive and comprehensive plant monographs, discussing historical, spiritual, and medicinal uses, as well as esoteric wisdom of aromatic incense herbs.

Discover the ancient Japanese ways of "Listening to Incense" that have been all but forgotten. Tune in to incense and the sacred sense of smell through aromatherapeutic, holy smoke in the confines of your own home.

The Fragrant Path & the Roots of Aromatherapy

In the first video, "The Fragrant Path & the Roots of Aromatherapy," Evan guides us through the ancient art of incense, the rise of aromatherapy, and the ancient application of incense in different esteemed Eastern medical systems. He also speaks about the age-old Japanese practice of listening to incense and its accompanying ceremony, the koh-do; as well as the many sacred and ritual aspects of incense and holy smoke in many different cultures, and more...

After watching the first video of the webinar, we highly recommend checking it out. Its FREE, very well done, and all you need to do is enter your name and email address to ensure you receive email notifications and links for the rest of the webinar videos.

Heart-based Crafting & the Blessed Path of Incense

If you haven't checked out the first FREE Webinar, "The Sacred Art of Incense & Aromatics", the second video in the series was just released. Evan Sylliaasen, founder of Higher Mind Incense and the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, has done a remarkable job sharing his gifts and teachings about incense, aromatherapy, and the sacred use of aromatic plants in this webinar.

In this video, "Heart-based Crafting & the Blessed Path of Incense," Evan explores the core aspects of traditional crafting with aromatic plants. He delves into the ancient, sacred practices of plant communication, praying with plants, and tuning into the heart when working with plants and incense. He also touches on important keys to help cultivate more presence, vibrancy, passion, and depth in our aromatic or herbal work. A very rich and must-see video!

His respect and love of tradition and the medicine peoples that came before us really shines through in these videos. Since they're available for a limited time, I really suggest you take a look. You can visit the link below to sign up for the FREE webinar. You'll just need to enter your name and email to ensure you receive the links to all the videos.

The Sacred Sense of Smell & Keeping The Sacred Art of Incense Alive

In this 3rd and final video, "The Sacred Sense of Smell & Keeping The Sacred Art of Incense Alive", Evan Sylliaasen, founder of Higher Mind Incense and the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, talks about the pillars of aromatics, and shares rare insights into the sacredness and science behind the mysterious sense of smell. He delves into the intuitive processes behind using aromatic plants to heal mind, body, and spirit, and speaks to the more forgiving nature of healing with aroma vs. medical herbalism.

He also begins a very important conversation about the preservation of ancient fragrant traditions, the magical and mystical side of incense and aroma, and how aromatic plants communicate and share their medicine in nature. This is my favorite video so far and they're all really amazing, so be sure to check it out!

Enjoy these unique perspectives and ancient teachings!

Listening to Incense Program

We hope you enjoyed the webinar series from The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine the past week. We had a lot of great feedback and many people interested in wanting to learn more. So we wanted to let you know that Evan just announced open registration for his online home study course, Listening to Incense.

If the teachings and concepts in the Sacred Art of Incense & Aromatics webinar spoke to your heart in any way, you should definitely check out this unique program. Its a one-of-a-kind experiential, fragrant journey through ancient traditions, rituals, and philosophies, with unique, mind and heart opening perspectives on working with aromatic plants and herbal medicine for modern times.

This course is for any level of experience, beginners to professionals, in the fields of incense, aromatherapy, perfumery, and herbalism. Whether you work with plants or not, you should take a look at this special program. The best part about it, you get to work with a bunch of different herbs and incenses from Higher Mind Incense at home!