Intuitive Readings

Tuesday, october 24th | 10:30am - 5:30PM 

*You are not limited to just 15 or 30 minutes and can reserve as much time as you wish in 15 minute increments, each 15 being $20. You can even reserve an hour! Just let us know! 🌿

Be sure to sign up so you can reserve a space! You can sign up in store or by phone (760) 804-3712 to schedule a time! **CASH ONLY**

Mark Parlin: "I am a clairvoyant person. To understand how I work, I “see” readings as a “movie” of you and your life. I have been doing readings on and off for the past 20 years. I have taken several classes to hone my skills. I have always known I have this talent, yet I lost track of it through my crazy teenage years. I started to re-explore this part of my life in my early 30’s and have using it ever since then. I have had several readings done for me using several different styles. All of them have said the same theme for me, “You are here this time to help others grow and move forward”. I look forward to sitting down with you and looking at the possibilities."