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Full Moon Ritual

friday, October 26th | 6:30 PM - 8 PM

TAURUS FULL MOON Ceremony + Moon Medicine: Soak in the Love!

Soak in Love. Taurus, ruled by Venus, teaches you to Love yourSelf unconditionally. This Full Moon Taurus we will dip into the Fountain of Self-Love. A fountain of Self-nurturing Love that feeds the Soul. You will discover and unlock your inner richness and extravagant Beauty, that will gift you the Awareness to recognize yourSelf as the Sparkle in the Gem.

The Medicine of this Taurus Full Moon offers you a decadent excursion into your Heart, so that you may unveil your true Illumination.

This Full Moon Taurus will be even more spectacular with a Uranus conjunction - which invites you to fully open your heart to new wonders of Love. How can you love yourself and others differently? How can you discover a new way of being in Love? Uranus, the Great Awakener, will stir in an extra dosage of Moon Medicine, to create ripples through the alchemy of your heart and mind.

We have a little surprise tucked away in this Full

Moon Ceremony that will illuminate your Heart with an intoxicating Love Spell. 

Join us as we Call in the Full Moon, together we step through her luminous gateway of channeled meditations, invocations, Shamanic rituals, and then, finally take a luxurious dip into a crystalline sound journey, to integrate the sublime full Moon energies.


$25 prepay in-store per person CASH ONLY
$26 per person PayPal
$30 per person at the door

Belinda Pearl is a South African born spiritual intuitive and healer, she shares over 20 years experience of esoteric and mysticism. Belinda mystically guides people towards their fullest awakened potential. She continues to follow her passion of sharing teachings of the esoteric and metaphysical wisdom with the World. Belinda offers an array of healing and intuitive sessions and workshops worldwide, visit her at belindapearl.com.