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Join us for a 4-class tarot series!

Investment (CASH ONY) ::
$100 (pre-paid)
$30 Each session paid individually

Dates: Saturday Mornings, 11:00AM to 12:30PM

  • 4/27: The Fool’s Journey: Major Arcana Workshop

  • 5/4: Secrets and Symbolism: Minor Arcana Workshop

  • 5/11: The Path of Tarot: Readings and Interpretations Workshop

  • 5/18: The Art of Spreads: Intuitive Spreads Workshop

***Series will be held outside so please dress weather appropriate!

Tarot Series

Throughout history Tarot Cards have been used to help people intuitively solve problems, connect with the Divine, and even gain a glimpse of the future. But what do the cards mean, and how do we come to use and understand them?

 This four week course is designed to take an in-depth look at the Tarot, what the cards symbolize, and how to read them. Tarot is full of rich history and symbolism, and can provide a divine mirror for our lives. Having a strong understanding of the cards creates the foundation for deeper readings for yourself and others, and allows for your own intuition to blossom. Together we will take the Fool’s Journey through the mysterious Major Arcana, unlock the secrets and symbolism of the Minor Arcana, develop our own intuitive path for reading and interpreting the cards, and delve into the art of Spreads, learning both classic Spreads as well as intuitively designing our own.


Maddy Limpic

Maddy became enthralled with all things magical at a very young age, and truly began her spiritual journey when she decided to teach herself how to read Tarot cards. For nearly a decade she has been absorbing all that she can about spirituality and the magic within nature, teaching herself to be an intuitive and empath. She loves nothing more than to help others grow into their own power through magic.