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SoulCollage® - Discover: Companion Suit Workshop

THURSDAY, March 28th | 6:30pm to 8pm

The Companion Suit works with the energies of our body and is a powerful portal towards our inner wisdom combining imagination and intuition. Come discover what animal companion accompanies you in this fun, creative exploration which connects to the various chakras and energy centers in our bodies.

SoulCollage® is a creative and intuitive right-brain process of creating unique collaged cards that express various aspects of ourselves. It is an expressive art therapy that draws from both Jungian psychology and Native American shamanic wisdom. It fosters self acceptance, creative expression and self understanding.

$35 prepay in-store per person *CASH ONLY*
$36 per person PayPal
$40 per person at the door *CASH ONLY*

*Bring a journal so you can take notes!

Your Host, Michele Terry :: Michele Terry has been facilitating classes and retreats for over 10 years. She combines mindfulness practices, expressive art therapies through a trauma informed lens and Council, stemming from a Native American tradition of storytelling and practice of listening and speaking from the heart, to facilitate the growth of people’s well being. Earning a degree in Psychology, Communication and Sociology she graduated Magna Cum Laude and was awarded Phi Beta Kappa status. As a SoulCollage® facilitator, she is passionate about the wisdom and depth of knowledge that is revealed through this process. During her days of galavanting through California, you may find her at a dance workshop, taking yoga, walking on the beaches of San Diego and playing with her beloved dogs.