Astrology 101 - The Astrological Houses

Thursday, August 22nd | 6:30 PM - 8 PM

Come and join me for a talk on the 12 Astrological Houses- Each of the houses represent a certain area of life. For instance, the 1st house is all about ourselves, with the 2nd, our money & values. We will discuss the definition for each of the 12 houses & see where the planets fall in your personal chart giving your chart life. A handout will be provided.

I can generate a chart for you and print it out for you for the talk for free. Please send the following information to ::

Day, Month, Year, Time of birth, City, State, and Country of birth.

Investment :: $35 prepay, $40 at the door <CASH ONLY>
Sign up in-store AS WELL AS send the birth info to Elpis’ email above.

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Elizabeth Huston, PhD

Life Consultant,

Elpis Astrology

I have a PhD in Health Psychology with an extensive clinical science background in Neuroscience. Throughout my 30+ years of studying astrology I’ve maintained a strong interest in esoteric knowledge and the means of connecting with a higher consciousness. Astrology has proven its validity over and over again and I’m excited to share my expertise as a professional in the field. I am a member of the Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA) and the New Paradigm Astrology Cooperative.

The individual astrological chart reveals the individual’s inborn potential, which can be shaped through the judicious exercise of free will. By examining the astrological chart, I’m able to analyze strengths, skills, and areas of potential expertise. I can pinpoint which areas of life are presently being affected by astrological influences and which will be impacted in the future. My goal with each reading is to provide a transformative and illuminative experience to help the client make positive life changes.

Elpis is the Greek Goddess of Hope. She was the last creature left in Pandora’s Box. You can contact me at or FB & Instagram @elpisastrology

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