Akashic Readings w/ Belinda Pearl

Thursdays : 1pm to 5pm

Belinda Pearl views life as an invitation to discover more about who you truly are. When life is traveled with a close connection to Spirit, you will be able to navigate with more confident awareness.

Belinda grew up in Africa, where she was deeply influenced by the African Healers and Africa’s energy. She believes that Africa is her greatest teacher, and guide.
This influence in her Youth, is what awakened her ability to work within the world of dreams, and her connection to the Akasha. Her intrigue and curiosity nurtured this relationship with the other realms, guiding her to develop  her ability to be a messenger of crystal clear Akashic clarity and guidance.

Belinda has devoted her entire life to the world of Spiritual healing and the mystical arts, from her extensive background she provides Akashic Record guidance and intuitive counseling that invokes healing through all arenas of one’s life. Her fresh perspective inspires evolution and illumination through life’s lessons.

Be sure to sign up ahead of time so you can reserve a space! 

You can sign up in store or or by phone (760) 804-3712 to schedule a time!

CASH ONLY :: Readings will be $20/15 min or $40/30 min.

*You are not limited to just 15 or 30 minutes and can reserve as much time as you wish in 15 minute increments, each 15 being $20. You can even reserve an hour! Just let us know!