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Candle Magic 101

thursday, october 4th | 6:30 PM - 8 PM

Get introduced to the basics of using candles to manifest your dreams! This hands-on class will cover why we use candles to set intentions, how to choose the right candles for every situation, and how to do a basic candle ritual. The class will conclude with a candle making workshop, where you will craft your own magical candle out of natural beeswax, herbs, and essential oils!

$30 prepay in-store per person CASH ONLY
$31 per person PayPal
$35 per person at the door


Maddy Limpic

Maddy became enthralled with all things magical at a very young age, and truly began her spiritual journey when she decided to teach herself how to read Tarot cards. For nearly a decade she has been absorbing all that she can about spirituality and the magic within nature, teaching herself to be an intuitive and empath. She loves nothing more than to help others grow into their own power through magic.