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Journey into the Akasha

friday, june 15th | 6:30 PM - 8 PM

Journey into the Akasha to discover and unlock the Sacred Scriptures that hold the mysteries to your life.

Through Meditation and Invocation, you will be guided to enter the Akasha, a Sacred Space of Higher Consciousness that is Guarded by Keepers of the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records hold valuable information about your Soul’s journey, and every breath, word, action and thought of your present, past, and future lifetimes.

The Akasha is a realm of Unconditional Love. The Guidance and Healing revealed to you in this Sacred Space will always be for your Highest and Best Good.

In this guided journey experience, together as a collective, we will travel into the Akashic Atmosphere, and enter the Sacred Halls of the Akashic Library. Be ready with your questions, to receive inspired Guidance from your Guides and Teachers.

Remember to bring a pen and notebook so that you can record your experience.

$25 prepay in-store per person CASH ONLY
$26 per person PayPal
$30 per person at the door

Belinda Pearl is a South African born spiritual intuitive and healer, she shares over 20 years experience of esoteric and mysticism. Belinda mystically guides people towards their fullest awakened potential. She continues to follow her passion of sharing teachings of the esoteric and metaphysical wisdom with the World. Belinda offers an array of healing and intuitive sessions and workshops worldwide, visit her at belindapearl.com.