Readings w/ Evelyn Wittman

Tuesdays :: 1pm to 5pm *Starts Oct. 15th

Be sure to sign up ahead of time so you can reserve a space! 

You can sign up in store or or by phone (760) 804-3712 to schedule a time!

CASH ONLY :: Readings will be $20/15 min or $40/30 min.

*You are not limited to just 15 or 30 minutes and can reserve as much time as you wish in 15 minute increments, each 15 being $20. You can even reserve an hour! Just let us know! 


Evelyn Wittman

“I have had a passion for spirituality and teaching since childhood. Looking back, I now realize that I was already using my intuition at the age of five. By the time I turned seven, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be a teacher. Since I can remember I have had a hunger for spiritual knowledge, always reading, studying, and expanding my awareness. As an educator, I found a way to embrace my spirituality by teaching Reiki, Yoga and Unity Consciousness classes to students of all ages. Recently, I have felt nudged by Spirit to embrace my gifts as an empath and a teacher in order to help others navigate the great shift we are all going through. My goal is to empower people by helping them to strengthen their innate intuition and discernment to facilitate their own awakening.”