Readings w/ Belinda Pearl

Thursdays :: 1pm to 5pm *Starts Oct. 17th

Be sure to sign up ahead of time so you can reserve a space! 

You can sign up in store or or by phone (760) 804-3712 to schedule a time!

CASH ONLY :: Readings will be $20/15 min or $40/30 min.

*You are not limited to just 15 or 30 minutes and can reserve as much time as you wish in 15 minute increments, each 15 being $20. You can even reserve an hour! Just let us know! 


Belinda Pearl

Through the Oracle and the Akasha, Belinda offers a unique style of reading that she has developed over the years. Her readings are always uniquely different for each person; she fuses together her various Clair gifts and abilities to Channel Divine Source. Belinda says that all her "readings are Healings"; as she focuses attention upon spiritual guidance, for each Soul's unfolding of their highest potential. Belinda loves her path and service to Humanity. This enthusiasm shows through in all that she presents to the World.

Belinda Pearl is a mystic and intuitive healer with 20+ years experience in the fields of Esoteric Healing and the Mystical Arts. Belinda believes that having grown up in Africa gifted her the opportunity to access her gifts at an early age.

She was empowered to dive deeply into the mystical arts and healing from her youth; from her African roots she was deeply influenced by the Shamanic healers and teachers that illuminated her path. She also hails from a long lineage of Intuitives and Healers which has allowed her to devote her entire life to walking the Way of the Mystic. Belinda is an Ordained Minister practicing Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counseling through the Akashic Records and the Oracle.