Coffee & Cards

First Saturday of every month! 11:00am to 12:30pm

$25 cash only per session

Join us once a month for coffee and Tarot cards! At each gathering we will discuss the Tarot, share our journeys, and learn more about the cards and their history. Perfect for experienced readers and those brand new to Tarot alike, this bookclub style meetup is the perfect place to gain insight, share ideas, and build your own Tarot reading style. Bring your own deck or borrow one of our many demo decks to explore something new.

Coffee provided by host. Please email any dietary restrictions to so we may make accommodations.


Maddy Limpic

Maddy became enthralled with all things magical at a very young age, and truly began her spiritual journey when she decided to teach herself how to read Tarot cards. For nearly a decade she has been absorbing all that she can about spirituality and the magic within nature, teaching herself to be an intuitive and empath. She loves nothing more than to help others grow into their own power through magic.