A Night Of Mediumship Messages

Thursday, october 17th | 6:30pm to 8:00pm 

Are you curious about life on the other side? Have you lost a loved one and want to know they are okay? Do you want to know more about communication with loved ones in Spirit?

Join Rena for an enlightening evening of messages and inspiration from the Spirit Realm. The evening will include a vibration raising exercise as well as messages from Spirit.

*Although not everyone will receive a message personally, all in attendance will walk away with a new understanding about life in the Spirit world.*

Be sure to sign up asap so you can reserve a space!


Rena Cohen is a Certified Advanced Medium who received her certification from the Trilogy Institute in Lily Dale, New York. She teaches Mediumship and Psychic Development worldwide and is a Workshop Leader in Spiritual courses. Rena utilizes her gifts of integrity, truth, and joy to deliver messages from loved ones in Spirit. The essence of Rena’s work is to demonstrate, with accuracy and details, evidence that there is a world beyond, with the "soul" intention of bringing comfort and healing. www.renacohen.net