Brands & Vendors

We here at L.E.A.F want to provide you with inspirational and mindful gifts focusing on fair trade and artistry. 



Higher Mind Incense™

Higher Mind Incense™ blends are made using ancient aromatherapeutic principles to positively affect your mind, mood, and cognitive function. Each batch of Higher Mind Incense™ is handmade with a specific focused intention and prayer, along with some of the purest ingredients from natural ecosystems. Our cones are soaked in organic essential oils, herbal scents, and crystal vibrational Gem Essences for multiple days before air drying to completion.




Buddha Tea

Buddha Teas is the leading organic tea company for single herb teas. All teas are certified organic and we only use bleach free tea bags.


Candles & Himalayan Salt Lamps

Aloha Bay

Their first scented candles were votives, traditionally offered in religious ceremonies of gratitude and devotion (blessing). Their palm wax candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and Himalayan salt lamps and accessories improve indoor air quality (breathing). The word "Bay" is meant to invoke the sense of a safe harbor (healthy home environment).

Their mission is to provide the purest life-enhancing products sourced from sustainable, fair trade, organic and 'natural occurring' ingredients.



Compendium Inc.

They combine fresh, vibrant designs with thoughtful and inspiring words to create gift books, journals, greeting cards, stationery, and desk accessories that are sold here on our website and in thousands of specialty gift stores nationwide. Compendium products celebrate the best parts of the human spirit, and highlight what it truly means to live inspired.



Essential Oils

rareESSENCE Aromatherapy

Sourcing only the finest 100% essential oils from all over the world – euphoric Jasmine Sambac from India, buttery Sandalwood from Tamil Nadu and rare Zdravetz from Bulgaria. By sourcing as close to the grower and distiller as possible, they insure the highest quality fine ingredients. 




Inca Aromas

Powerful aromatic herbs, used for millennia by ancient civilizations of the Andes, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. As Brazilians, of course, our specialty is the varieties of fragrances and aromas coming from the Amazon rainforest and from our national territory.




The Naked Bee

High-quality, natural personal care line that is affordable to everyone, hence, the compact, concentrated and convenient sizes. Now most people can afford the Naked Bee line: just high qualitygood for youunpretentiouseasy to carry products!




Each MZ bag holds an element of discovery. From the significance of the Zapotec designs, to the bold color combinations, and most importantly, the distinct story of the artisan who wove it.



Blankets & Pillows

Cozy Nomad

Cozy Nomad Designs was inspired and created through our travels as a family. Every trip we take into foreign and beautiful lands we immerse ourselves in the culture, learn about the people, and try to take a little piece of it home with us.

Cozy Nomad is a direct result of that love for “far away” places and the people that welcome us in.



Lotus Love Beauty

Lotus Love Beauty is a collection of natural herbal and floral beauty bars, bath salts, bath oils, body lotions and candles. The finest ingredients from around the world have been united to accentuate inner beauty through aromatherapy and traditional ayurvedic & yogic philosophies. 


Dreamcatchers & Jewelry


Are you a God or Goddess at heart? 
Searching for nothing in particular, a wanderer from the start
You are moved by the mountains, and powered by the moon
Inspired by the wind, driven by intuition
Compelled by positivity and defined by mysticism
Your adventurous spirit wanders In between the crevices of the mountain
and the depths of the forest
You take in every aspect of the universe as your own
While freely exploring, express your vibrant appearance
Without having to define yourself
Let DINITYOM accentuate your unique vibrations
While you continue to flow your inspirations through the earth
Let your aura shine through our magical and crystal creations
As you continue to be true to your restless soul
Love with all you have, stay natural, and do you



Grey Theory Mill

From sassy + sometimes profane hand-stamped jewelry to dainty + statement necklaces, Grey Theory Mill has aimed to curate and design a cohesive line that the everyday woman can enjoy. All Grey Theory Mill materials are sourced ethically and often through other small businesses. Additionally, earrings are only made with Grade A Titanium earring wire, which is one of the premier and safest metals for super sensitive ears.



Fred Soll’s®

Fred uses plant and tree resins, herbs, powders, and oils to produce this high quality incense.  Fred Soll’s ® resin incense is handmade, hand dipped and dried in Tijeras, New Mexico.  Tijeras is 10 miles east of Albuquerque, off of I-40.



Fragrance Oil

Attar Bazaar

For over 30 years, Attar Bazaar fragrances have pleased and delighted hundreds of thousands of customers, and millions of others who have smelled our world famous fragrances! These amazing attars are created by world renowned Dr Chishti.



MAHKA Jewelry

The natural stones in MAHKA Jewelry are all intuitively hand selected to be passed on and worn by you. They serve as a reminder of a similar energy that you possess within yourself... an inner wisdom that will help to guide you on your own personal journey.